Retirement is one of the biggest milestones in life and, as a result, can cause a lot of stress and concern. Without a personalized roadmap, the path to retirement can be full of speed bumps and potholes. But the road ahead can be less strenuous if you have a clear strategy and a knowledgeable financial advisor by your side.

This is the role the advisors at my firm seek to play in our clients’ lives. My mission is to simplify the finances of our clients and help them enjoy the people and causes in their lives that matter more to them than their money. Our Plan is to help make the transition into retirement more manageable and less stressful by building a personalized “Epic Retirement Roadmap™” and offering ongoing support, unbiased advice, and objective guidance to help you along the way.

Who We Are

Epic Trust Investment Advisors LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm. We have developed our business foundation by doing everything we can to nurturing and maintain trusting and goal driven relationships with each of our clients where we are keenly focused on working with you to break down the common barriers and avoid the pitfalls we see many people run into when they don’t work with us.  

We want to help you achieve your short-term financial goals today, while working toward your long-term goals for the future. Money is simply a tool to help us accomplish great things in life. It can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how it’s used. We choose to use it as a force for good and to spend it in the service of others, and we want to help our clients do the same.

What We Offer

Because retirement is one of life’s most significant milestones, many pre-retirees worry about making the leap. It’s scary!  I get it.  Some of the common concerns we hear from folks as they come meet with us for the first time are things like;

“Have I saved enough money?”

“When can I retire?”

“Will I be able to continue enjoying the lifestyle I have right now while I’m working?”

“How should I be invested in my 401k now that I’m getting close to retirement?”

“What should my plan look like when it’s all put together and how will I know it’s right for me and my personal situation?”

Answering these questions and others like it is one of the primary reasons that people reach out and start working with a financial professional at Epic Trust.  

Our goal in serving people like you is to help you realize your retirement dreams and overcome the insecurities and challenges that come with taking this significant step. Planning for retirement is something that you shouldn’t do on your own, even if you’re confident you can handle it by yourself.

That’s where we come in.  Every relationship starts with an Epic Retirement Roadmap™. This is our plan that we work with you to create so that you know you’re making the best financial decisions possible for your personal situation and that you’ll have the best chances at reaching your goals.  We want you to be a Winner and the Hero of your own Story.  Our job is to help guide you to accomplish that.  Sure, we help with the investing, planning, insurance, and estate planning, but those things are all just tools to help you achieve the Epic Life you desire.  

Who We Serve

The clients we enjoy serving the most are your everyday hard-working families who value people and experiences over their money. We work with folks from many walks of life and backgrounds, from volunteer firefighters and public employees to business professionals, entrepreneurs, and doctors.  

While our clients come from all diverse backgrounds, most of them range in age between 55 and 70. They’re at a time in their life where they’re serious about putting themselves in a position to successfully retire and look forward to enjoying that life when they get there.

We believe our clients choose to work with us for five important reasons:

  1. They know and trust us. It goes without saying, but when it comes to your money, if you’re going to work with a professional you simply must like them and trust them.  So we spend a great deal of time and energy in our meeting process working on the relationship and really listening to what our potential clients have to say, what they want for their future, and what they want their money to do for them.
  2. Our Traffic Light Portfolio Management System. We use a unique system for communicating how we invest our client’s money and how we work diligently to manage their downside risk while still giving us the opportunity to make consistently positive but modest returns. Our primary goal is to invest our client’s money the way we would want our own money invested and to do what we can to remove the chances of losing more than is reasonable when the market takes a dive.
  3. Our commitment. We believe taking on a new client is a serious responsibility. Our expectation is that we are making a lifelong commitment to serve every one of our clients. Regardless of the financial needs that you’ll encounter, we’ll be there to help along the way.
  4. We help you get confident about your future. By going through our Epic Retirement Roadmap Process, many clients share with us that they feel confident and more clear about their current and future financial status or potential. We want our clients to know what’s possible or what course corrections need to be made to achieve their goals.
  5. Our independence. As an investment fiduciary, it’s our responsibility to put our clients’ interests above our own. Clients can trust that our financial professionals will always keep their best interest in mind. We care deeply about each client. When you win, we win.

Why Choose Us?

Deciding when to retire can be a difficult decision, but you don’t have to make the hard choices alone.

If you’d like to learn how we can help you reach your goals or dreams and create financial peace and freedom in your life, give us a call at 509-591-0014 or email me at [email protected]. Let us help you transform your life—on purpose.

About Jeffery

Jeffery Lewis, CFP® is the president of Epic Trust Investment Advisors and a financial advisor with more than a decade of industry experience helping clients prepare for their financial futures. Serving as a financial advocate and coach, his company strives to help folks prepare for a long retirement and to use their money as a force for good by spending it in the service of others. Along with his degree in business management, Jeffery is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor®. To learn more about Jeffery, connect with him on LinkedIn or send him an email at [email protected].