Topics covered in this Video Market Update;

  • Quick update on Traffic Lights and Version 2.0 improvements of the system
  • Review of prior corrections and what makes them different or the same as today’s market environment.
  • Comparison specifically to the S&P 500 22% decline in 2011

Key Takeaways

  1. We’re NOT in a recession yet – so draw down and recovery should be short term (likely between 4 – 6 months but could be longer or shorter)
  2. Following the traffic lights could cause us to miss out on the early upside rebound when it does happen.  So we’re holding the course for now.
  3. You should consider this as a buying opportunity to rebalance portfolios

I know this market environment isn’t much fun to experience but all signs point towards sticking to our guns and enjoying the recovery over the next several months. Watch the video to learn why.

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