Topics covered in this Video Market Update;

In today’s video we’ll be covering our Epic Monthly Economic Breaker Panel.  These are 12 of the indicators we’re looking at on a monthly basis to keep a “heart beat” on the Economy and to track where we are in the economic cycle.  By watching these different indicators on the market and the economy, we believe we’ll be able to better see the next recession as it draws near.

For now though, we’re looking pretty solid in our economy and thankfully the stock market has been recovering nicely since last year.

Key Takeaways

  1. We’re DEFINITELY NOT in a recession.
  2. Durable Goods orders will hopefully pick up this quarter as the government shutdown is behind us and the effects of China Trade discussions help to improve business/corporate sentiment.
  3. Real Interest Rates (inflation adjusted rates) have improved since last November but still showing signs of potential headwinds to business and consumer spending (meaning interest rates are a bit high but not out of control).
  4. Light truck sales is giving us an early warning sign but this indicator can be quite volatile and has been flattening out since early 2015 and is likely due for a little bit of a breather.

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Jeffery P. Lewis, CFP® CRPC®