Does Your Financial Plan Need a Second Opinion?

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When we face life’s tough decisions, such as a career move, relocation, or a medical treatment, we usually conduct research and gather as much information as possible. Sometimes we look to trusted mentors, family, friends, or even the Internet in order to make the most informed decisions. In the same way, creating and customizing a [...]

Your Financial Crisis Checklist

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At Epic Trust Investment Advisors, we often help people through financial crises. This includes anything from divorce or the death of a spouse or parent to the loss of a job or even receiving a financial windfall. During my career, I’ve seen people make damaging financial mistakes during times of stress or change. Since major [...]

What We Do and How We Can Help

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Retirement is one of the biggest milestones in life and, as a result, can cause a lot of stress and concern. Without a personalized roadmap, the path to retirement can be full of speed bumps and potholes. But the road ahead can be less strenuous if you have a clear strategy and a knowledgeable financial [...]

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

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Many of us experience moments in life that impact our future or our choices. I experienced such a moment in my early twenties that kickstarted my career. I was a few years past high school, had spent a couple years on a service mission for my church, and at that point I hadn’t yet figured [...]