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Epic Financial Help for Business Owners

As a business owner, you are often tasked with too much to do and too little time to do it. When you’re wearing too many hats, it can be difficult to step back and do the overall planning needed for your business to grow, create more wealth for yourself personally—much less put away maximum dollars for retirement. We help business owners like you every day by becoming your partner in providing resources, information, services, and products from multiple disciplines.

A Menu of Services

At Epic Trust Financial Group, our whole mission for business owners is that they streamline their operations, pay less in taxes, get more efficient and profitable, provide the right benefits for themselves and/or their employees, and get the right protections in place to protect their assets and make them more attractive to banks, lenders, suppliers and clients. Expertise, knowledge and access to options is critical. Let Epic Trust be your partner and guide in making your business more successful.

We can help with corporate tax returns, quarterly returns, tax mitigation planning, bookkeeping, payroll and much more; we have CPAs and EAs (enrolled agents with the IRS) on staff. We’ll even advise you if a different company structure might serve you better.
Group Health / HR
Let Epic Trust Financial make that open enrollment period easy for you. We offer group health plans, including medical, dental, and disability. We also offer innovative plans like HSAs (health savings accounts) and HRAs (health reimbursement accounts). If you’ve never offered health insurance before, no problem. If you are looking for better service or more options than your current plan, we are happy to meet with you and see if we can assist.
Retirement Plans / Benefits / HR
From set up through implementation, we can help you with retirement plans and benefits like 401(k)s, 403(b)s, SEP IRAs, etc., and provide the HR support you need for enrollees. Our goal is to get you the maximum for your own retirement nest egg as well as attracting and rewarding your employees. We will help you assess the right plan/s to offer, and we may recommend things you may not be familiar with, like custom bonus packages, and key man insurance, which can help you retain your most important executive/s, provide for their retirement, compensate the business in the event of their loss, and provide a business succession option if the company were to lose you.
We can help you with risk management analysis and obtaining the right insurance policies you need to protect you from financial loss as well as make your business more attractive to lenders, suppliers and clients. As an independent insurance broker, we can analyze your accounts and look for gaps, then do the competitive price shopping to get you the best rates possible for the most appropriate coverage. We offer business liability, auto/fleet/equipment/property coverage, and much more. For some of our clients, getting insurance certificates/proof of insurance on time can mean the difference between getting forced placed insurance by banks—or even winning or losing a contract. We can help.
Business Planning / Consulting
It all starts here. A business plan organizes your firm and gives you a clear roadmap to achieving your goals. Should you own your own building or equipment, or lease? Hire your own staff for certain things or use independent contractors? These are just some of the hundreds of questions you may have, and our team of CPAs plus financial professionals can give you the answers you need. We can help with cash flow planning, risk analysis, profit and loss analysis, business succession planning, and much more.

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