Carmen Gonzales

VP of Operations & Marketing

About Carmen

Carmen is a native to Southeastern Washington, and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration (BA) from Washington State University, and her Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Management & Strategy from Western Governors University. She is passionate about helping the business stay within budgetary limits, building strong trustworthy relationships.

Professional Moments

Carmen’s years of experience in the Customer Service Industry, have given her the skills necessary to develop and implement several process and procedures which have helped the business run more effective and efficient.

Prior to entering the Financial Services Industry, Carmen enjoyed her time working as a Marketing Assistant for a local insurance agency and as an Auxilian Volunteer at Kadlec Regional Medical Center. Being able to give back to the community is a passion of Carmen’s.

Carmen’s Favorite

Color: Purple
Season: Mid-Fall
Class/Subject in School: History
Subject in Life: History, Sociology & Nature
Food: Phở (Vietnamese soup) or Greek Salad
Vacation Spot: Home
Book: The Secret
Movie: Disney’s Robin Hood (1973)

Interests & Passions

Carmen’s interest include: cooking, spending quality time with family and friends, being outdoors, gardening, fishing, relaxing, watching or attending sporting events and working on all kinds of puzzles. She loves dog, and taking pictures of nature, especially in the late spring when flowers begin to blossom. In addition to all this, Carmen is passionate about giving back whenever possible; whether it’s volunteering at the local hospital, helping at food banks, walking rescued pets or cleaning up parks, she is grateful for every moment.

Fun Facts

Fact #1 Carmen loves mini golf but is not interested in golf.
        Fact #2 She finds trolls (toys) fascinating.
Fact #3 Carmen loves listening to music – all genres – favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What the Rest of the Team says about Carmen…

“Carmen is always on top of things!”