Market Update March 2019: The Best “I Told You So” Scenario:

This video Recaps the previous video and market drops since 2000, goes over the Santa Claus Rally 2018”; a review of the Oct 2018 – Dec 2018 market draw down, and discusses the Federal Reserve economic data, trade uncertainty with China and the looming threat of Brexit.

 Key Takeaways
We’re DEFINITELY NOT in a recession yet – so drawdown and recovery is proving to be short term so far.
  1. Fed Reserve Turn Around and Improved Economic Data is helping to stabilize markets and the recovery.
  2. China Trade Uncertainty is winding down to a close and having less of an effect on the stock market – although we could still see volatility from trade uncertainties if trade negotiations begin to fall apart.
  3. Brexit still poses a threat and looks like it will continue to drag on – which is bad for the Eurozone, Developed International, and Emerging Market Economies.

Hopefully you stuck with us and stayed in the market during the drawdown of late 2018 and are now enjoying the fruits of that bravery.

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