Yield Curve Inversion and What it Means to Your Portfolio

Today’s market update video is going to be a real treat. I’m going to let you behind the curtain to give you special access to one of the investment managers we work with to help us manage the income side or bond side of our client portfolios.

What Does Yield Curve Inversion Mean to You:

So here’s the top 3 things you’re going to learn about in my call today with Bill;

  1. What does the Yield Curve Inversion really mean to you, your investments, and the economy?
  2. What does the global economy look like and is America the best place to be invested right now?
  3. How is the China Trade War likely to affect your investments?

Now, to give you a little preamble to the show for today’s interview, let me introduce you to Bill Zox at Diamond Hill Capital Management.

Bill has worked with Damond Hill for almost 20 years and currently serves as the portfolio manager over their Fixed Income Mutual Funds. Before joining Diamond Hill, he attended Williams College for his Bachelor Degree and then Graduated from Ohio State University with Honors with his Juris Doctorate. But he didn’t stop there, he then went on to earn a Masters of Law degree in Taxation from the University of Florida. Prior to joining the Portfolio management team at Diamond Hill, he worked at the Tax Law firm Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn for 7 years and was so valuable that he became a partner in 1999. He’s well educated, professionally accomplished, enjoys being a dad and family man, and just a real treat to be around.

Enjoy the show and please feel free to email some feedback.  If you liked this “interview” format, let me know.  If you want more of the presentation style videos, let me know that too.  What questions would you like to see answered?  etc..?